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Membership vs. Buying Hearing Aids

Six reasons why you should consider membership over buying hearing aids. We want to make it possible for you to receive the hearing healthcare you need and the devices that will make it possible for you to fully enjoy your life.


Access to hearing instruments with small monthly installment


Receive the best and newest technology every 4 years


Your hearing aids are always under warranty


Receive complimentary batteries for your hearing aids


Receive a complimentary annual hearing test


You can terminate the membership if you don't like it

The best hearing aids at a great price

Hear Clear 4 Life is an affordable membership plan that will allow a hearing instrument candidate access to hearing Instruments without typical large upfront costs.

We carry the most popular models of hearing instruments from ReSound. Our selection include: ReSound LiNX2.

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ReSound LiNX Quattro Hearing Aids - Hear Clear 4 Life
ReSound LiNX 3D Hearing Aids - Hear Clear 4 Life

Types of Hearing Aids

You’ve had your hearing evaluated, and it looks like the best course of action is to be fit for hearing aids. We offer a variety of devices, giving us the ability to find hearing aids that meet your exact needs. Whether it’s style, material, technology, or appearance, we can cater to whatever you’re looking for. These are the available hearing aid types:

  • IIC (Invisible In Canal)
  • CIC (Completely In Canal)
  • MIC (Mini In Canal)
  • MIH (Microphone In Helix, only available from Resound and Beltone)
  • ITE (In The Ear), could be half shell or full shell
  • BTE (Behind The Ear, can be Mini, Standard or Power)
  • RIC (Receiver In Canal)
  • RITE (Receiver In The Ear, just another name for RIC)
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Hearing Aid Types - Hear Clear 4 Life

Better Hearing Starts Here

Choosing a hearing professional is one of the most important decisions you will make and the personal relationships you will develop in our office will continue long after your initial appointment. We will make your office visits pleasant by providing you with excellent service.

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